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The double exposure of red color in June Nike Posite will Lil Penny this month officially landed on the shelves, Posite uppers red, at the same time by the black dotted, finally with transparent outsole, could not help but make people associate who played for Miami Penny, interested friends may wish to look at. item: 630999-600 release date: July 12th nike-lil-penny-posite-uni-red-1.jpeg (56.71 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Lil, Penny, Posite, University, , Red, red UniversityUpload 09:23 2014-7-2 nike-lil-penny-posite-university-red-release-date-2.jpg (73.07 KB, download time Retro jordans for sale s: 0) download attachment Nike, Lil, Penny, Posite, University, , Red, red UniversityUpload 09:14 2014-7-2 nike-lil-penny-posite-university-red-release-date-1.jpg (47.06 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Lil, Penny, Posite, University, , Red, red UniversityUpload 09:14 2014-7-2 nike-lil-penny-posite-university-red-release-date-3.jpg (40.98 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Lil, Penny, Posite, University, , Red, red University 2014-7-2 09:14 uploads , Nike, Lil, Penny, Posite, University, Red, University red, University 00 Adidas continuous use of crossover and Cheap air jordans for sale artists, artists, brand shop, joint planning to expand its influence in the world, dazzling by work has also been recognized by many. Recently, with the well-known machine tool manufacturer Oregon to carry out cooperation projects attracts more and more attention, which contains the Adidas ADAN Trainer Leatherman skeletool CX shoes, multi-purpose tools, Zippo, Note, and Field lighter laptop accessories and outdoor activities, equipped with Pelican hard waterproof box. Each pair of ADAN Trainers ankle are marked with a unique serial number, and the Leatherman skeletool CX multipurpose tool with bottle op Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ener, screwdriver, pliers, locks and other effects, it is a must-have for outdoor activities. As the 2014 finale of Juxian, this joint suit must be called the most amazing standout. adidas-adan-trainer-classified-leatherman-zippo-fieldnotes-pack-08.jpg (80.05 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas x Leatherman co branded 2014-12-11 upload at 16:56 adidas-adan-trainer-classified-leatherman-zippo-fieldnotes-pack-07.jpg (49.19 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas x Leatherman co branded 2014-12-11 upload at 16:56 adidas-adan-trainer-classified-leatherman-zippo-fieldnotes cheap jordan shoes for men -pack-06.jpg (77.03 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas x Leatherman co branded 2014-12-11 upload at 16:55 adidas-adan-trainer-classified-leatherman-zippo-fieldnotes-pack-01.jpg (49.87 KB, download times: 0) download 〉by water quality green leather to create a whole body of the shoe, the black part of the collocation foil, dotted with white details, based on experience and steady trend revealed the full flavor, very easy daily dress collocation.Liberty London a century fabric manufacturers and NIKE recently described as a house on fire, following its signature floral pattern cheap foamposites after injection fabrics and rich color design on multiple classic shoes, the two sides now back especially low cylinder selected Air Force 1 Downtown as design thoughts, and Liberty to be a series of specially crafted paisley printing, water printing and color printing of the three new pattern stripe pattern to be coated on the lightweight casual shoe body, and then with the jelly-like translucent outsole and colorful color, real wear and easy to ride and unlimited wonderful, like a sense of spring and summer blowing. It is reported that this Liberty x Nike Sportswear Air Force 1 Downtown will be cover cheap jordans for sale ed from April 13 on sale at selected retail outlets atmos etc., will be offered for blue-green, blue, purple and lavender for all three options, sale price of about & yen; 15, 750 yen (about HK $ 1,001), you are interested in starting a pair of it? & nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] The weather is getting hot, sneakers exceptionally popular. In the Tiexi District, a large supermarket entrance, from ninety o'clock every morning, people began to set up a stall selling shoes. Positive reluctantly seasonal promotions across a Nike store sales staff, said: "the stal cheap jordans online l to sell, are false, and facing the door to sell our house, and nobody ah!" three stall goods identical Yesterday, the Shenyang Evening News, Shenyang Network reporter came to the supermarket, saw a total of three in front of the supermarket stall, sales are Adidas, Nike and New Balance sneakers these three brands, each stall about hundred to shoes, and no matter the brand, style, or model, price tag, almost exactly the same. The most western end of a stall, said, because we are all the same channels of goods, so almost everything. "Do not worry, nobody can give who carry the price, as long as y cheap jordans for sale mens ou try to fit almost we sold." The stall holders tried to persuade the customer. The customer will be tried once the shoes in the morning, the afternoon came. three stall stall here, are modified minivan drove over, shoe boxes placed a car. They said that since entering the summer, almost every day come here to sell. "Come to the supermarket more people, business okay." Middle man stall said. paragraph shoes with cheap half at the scene yesterday, Mr. Lee to buy a pair of black Nike sneakers. He said that this dual air sports shoes, in the supermarket counters selling more than 1000 dollars, and no Retro jordans for sale w during discount sales, is 760 yuan, only 300 yuan stall, after Lee bargain to 240 yuan traded. Mr Lee said he knows this is the double fake shoes, otherwise it is impossible to sell so cheap. He has gone to several stores, the sales staff has put the fabric, introduce scientific and technological content of very detailed, and then to stall him to compare himself to discover what imitation shoes very like, what bad effort craft shoes . Lee believes that, although the counter in shoe sales fidelity, quality assurance, but the price is too tempting fake. Money to buy a pair of authentic shoes, almost ab Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping le to buy three pairs of fakes. fake shoes are very likely to come from small factories The source of the fake shoes stall holders are kept secret, one of the stall holders only vaguely said:. "My son has a channel, as to where the goods, I do not know," Lee says, he often In this area shopping, shoes almost feel here four or five days to come some new goods, and not sell shoes, you can also go back, it seems they purchase channels are relatively fixed. If inappropriate dress shoes, stall holders also promised replacement. More knowledgeable Zhou Tao revealed that, in fact, is also divided into several imitation shoes, imitation shoes are best 1:1 fine imitation, this shoe in terms of appearance or quality, it is similar with the genuine. This shoe is usually some relatively large shoe factory, but no brand licensing; another kind of shoe quality is relatively poor, these shoes are some small shoe factory, this kind of shoe design information no shoes only through genuine shoe to get open mold production, quality and genuine fundamental immeasurably. Both imitation shoes have their own sales channels, stall on the goods is cheap, usually they sell a pair, to earn fifty or sixty dollars. No ability to manage the store spread across these three shoes, there is a Nike store seasonal promotions. Here shoes are broken because of lack of code numbers and discount sales, the discount is generally fifty-six fold, the cheapest Sizhe can hit a few new Qizhe or tickets. Sales staff, said:. "We watched them every day so the sale of counterfeits, there are a lot of customers in the store after you try the shoes, went to the flea market to buy a fake we are helpless, there is no authority to manage ah" Yesterday, a customer came to the store consultation, said two days ago he bought a pair of shoes from the flea market, walking, crunching ringing, Editor's Note children? Salesperson told him, it is very the balloon may be a leak. Sales staff took the shoes, said: "You see, although these shoes doing and authentic look similar, but the technology did not cross the border, even the airbags are strictly closed." Said the store manager, poor fake shoes not only in the service, no means guaranteed, and conduct a special campaign, it also might cause some damage feet. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp;