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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes network] in the downturn of economic consumption, the world's largest athletic shoe maker Nike Inc. has announced that it will cease to three factories in China and one in Vietnam factory orders, The main reason is the integration with Nike's global supply chain and reduce costs, although Nike stressed that China will continue to be its largest production base, but continued to streamline the supply chain has among its plans. For many Chinese processing trade firms, they will once again bottlenecks foundry model. On the other hand, China remains a strategic market for many foreign companies. In other sectors of clothing, footwear outside, China's consumption potential is increasingly optimistic about the foreign companies, notably under the global financial crisis by the latter as a "last straw." Nike winter to reduce the number of outsourcing factory March 25, the world's largest athletic shoe maker Nike announced that in order to simplify the supply chain, will be terminated and partnerships in Asia four sneakers foundries within the next six months to a year. This four Nike foundries in three in China, one in Vietnam. It is worth noting that Nike is the main these four plants, or even the only customer, the latter by way of a contract to provide footwear to Nike. "We have informed these four companies will be phased out under orders, to give them six months to a year to f Retro jordans for sale ind a new buyer." Nike spokesman Dobson (ErinDobson) President, he said: "This is our expanded supply chain since mid-2007 part of an integrated plan. "Dobson stressed that it will continue to simplify the supply chain. In addition, Nike announced that it will stop some of the costumes foundry orders. Dobson said: "We can not be this wave of global recession spared, thus speeding up the progress of the integration of the supply chain." Nike will change the strategy of broad orders, the future will focus on a small number of manufacturers, in order to save money. Currently, there are around 640 Nike clothing, footwear and other foundries, including 72 major production of sports shoes, these plants a total of about 800,000 employees. Nike in China, about 180 foundries, employing more than 200,000 employees, most of the flow of migrant workers low wages. China is Nike's largest athletic footwear, apparel and equipment procurement country. Other foundries spread in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea and other countries. Vietnamese media reported March 23 that Nike may be reduced this year to Vietnam foundry orders, the company in Vietnam has more than 50 foundries. Compared to other consumer products makers, Nike less susceptible to recession affected, but the most recent quarter the company also faces declining sales, especially from the European market. Nike announced the restructuring plan in January, in ord Cheap air jordan 12 ovo er to save costs and make products to market faster, and warnings may lay off 4%. do 13 years on behalf of the factory was "abandoned" Nike cease cooperation with OEM manufacturers in Asia 4, following the largest order of Nike sneakers Pou and Winterthur second largest group on March 25 in the list are not stressed, will not be affected, and sneakers access Single also unabated. Pou March 25 shares closed 19.05 yuan, up 0.25 yuan; 18.70 yuan Winterthur income, rose 0.35 yuan. However, Winterthur recognition, Nike to streamline the organization, decided to close the establishment for 13 years and is the only company with ownership of the sports shoe factory in Taicang, Jiangsu. Nike China spokesman Zhu nearly Qian has confirmed: "Nike plans in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, the Winterthur Group management footwear manufacturing business transferred to the Winterthur factory located in other parts of Asia, and will close its only owned footwear production facilities Taicang plant. " The Nike Taicang plant closing is part of Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Company, managed by Taiwan before the Winterthur Group. Public information, in 1996 the formal establishment of Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike, registered in China, with manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, Taicang unit, subject to the Nike Suzhou on business. Winterthur associate and spokesman Chen Liqin said Nike sports shoe facto cheap jordans online ry in Taicang, Jiangsu Province, has been leased by the Winterthur business, to produce more than ten million pairs of Nike sneakers. When the factory closed, Winterthur Nike sports shoe factory in Fujian and new capacity in Vietnam, may come in handy, Winterthur Group orders will not be affected. shoe industry, said Nike sneakers global foundry contract amounted to more than a hundred, including Baocheng, Winterthur, Lu Qing, Guang Rong Taiwan; Korean businessmen have T2, Sanyo, etc. These foundries spread In Asia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other places. Nike India's first foundry for the establishment by the Winterthur last August Zhengshiliangchan Nike sneakers, the first phase of production is expected in two years full out, it can produce up to 500,000 pairs or more. Currently, Winterthur Nike sports shoe factory in mainland China, concentrated in Fujian Province, a total of XIEFENG, many Lai Feng, Mitutoyo and other production plants, and has a mold factory, mainly produces high unit price of Nike sneakers. In addition, the industrial zone in Vietnam Xuan Loc new amplification shoe, plans to build 16 production lines. Nike Pou Chen Group is the largest supplier of sports shoes, Nike is currently not received notice to stop orders. Pou Chen Fang associate and spokesman of the United States say for sure: "We (Pou) nor (sneakers) reduced orders phenomenon." Dobson said that Nike will focus on the future by a f cheap jordans for sale mens ew manufacturers, in order to save money. However, Nike stressed that China will continue to be the Nike sports shoes, clothing, accessories largest manufacturing supplier. In this regard, Chen Fang said the United States, the economic environment is dynamic, expanding production capacity can be fast or slow, and the time, Pou will do the best preparation. Core foundry will benefit anti-recession, expensive brand-name sports shoes, clothing decline in consumer demand, resulting in a series of austerity Nike to take a big movement, and to reduce the number of foundries, streamline costs and supply chain, but the core of the plant on behalf of Nike and Fung Pou Thailand and other may benefit. Pou Chen, on behalf of Winterthur is Nike's main factories, two companies supply Nike shoes accounted for the total number of nearly forty percent. In the past, Nike boom face a severe recession and the decline in performance, have already adopted a "survival of the fittest" strategy, Nike announced streamlining of the supply chain and stop the supply portion foundry orders, two companies believe that, so instead may turn more Single. Bao pairs of Nike, Adidas and other brand customers have set up dedicated production lines, research and development centers, production bases and dispersed production dominate the world of sports shoes, Nike sports shoes, the largest supplier. Winterthur only focus on the Nike brand sports shoes in China, V cheap jordan shoes for men ietnam and Indonesia set up exclusive sports shoe factory, but with Nike global distribution, to establish India's first exclusive sports shoe is Nike, Nike is certainly obtain, and promised to give orders support . China's processing trade enterprises that do not change die For chasing low-cost, low-cost labor of brand enterprises, the transfer of production is not new. In the context of economic crisis, this trend accelerated, for many Chinese enterprises engaged in processing trade is an increasingly serious challenge. Market participants pointed out that in the context of the global downturn in consumer spending, global manufacturers have closed opened production plants in Asia, carried out layoffs, reduced orders and other actions, which makes long been a manufacturing base for Western markets Asian countries have been hit hard. The Nike single large cut, the main reason is the sharp drop in global consumer demand, forcing Nike had to cut production, and further integration of the supply chain. Winterthur spokesman has said publicly that 2 percent appreciation against the dollar, companies can also adjust over. If you continue to appreciate, some of China's long-term orders will be other areas, such as Vietnam, Indonesia replaced, this will become a trend. Starting in 2005, holds 5.5% of Nike production of Winterthur Group put a lot of Chinese orders to Vietnam, while large-scale expansion in Vietnam, four proce Cheap air jordans for sale ssing plant production line, has also invested more than ten million US dollars to build a new factory in Vietnam. In 2005, the world's largest OEM Nike Pou Chen Group factory production in Vietnam can also rapidly increasing. In the ensuing years, Winterthur and Pou Chen Vietnam have increased investment. Although Vietnam, India and other countries, can completely replace China "manufacturing plant" status remains to be proven, but many Chinese processing trade enterprises in the increasingly severe external environment, had to accelerate to adjust their positioning and survival mode. China from the production base to become the consumer market While Nike continues to shift in China's production, but the huge Chinese consumer market had to let Nike "concern." Nike March 18 announced fiscal 2009 third quarter report shows that Nike quarter sales revenue of $ 4.4 billion, down 2%. Asia Pacific sales grew 8% to $ 806 million. About the transfer of production of sporting goods giant has been concerned about the news, but whether it is Nike or Adidas, are struggling to stand - "The Chinese market is very important", "important position in China still produced." Important Chinese consumer market, has not only Nike, Adidas's production base, to a greater extent, China is their strategic market, because they do not want any "relocation," the news of the brand's reputation. It is undeniable that, Nike, Adidas in China ar cheap jordans for sale e indeed facing pressure of rising costs, for which they are in the "proportion of China's production capacity will be gradually reduced," but "absolute production value is increasing." In fact, in other sectors of clothing, footwear outside, China's consumption potential is increasingly optimistic about the foreign companies, notably under the global financial crisis by the latter as a "last straw."[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Adidas "strategic shift" Shanghai will have to face a number of OEM garment enterprises to upgrade. Reporters learned yesterday, adidas recent positive speed cleanup domestic foundries, and has been determined to gradually lift the domestic part of the foundries foundry agreement in October this year to April next year, the termination of cooperation. labor cost advantage is the main cause of the loss of "Because you are optimizing global sourcing infrastructure, a total of 10 supplier partners have received on our Legal notice to terminate the contract." Adidas China commissioned Ogilvy Public Relations yesterday in reply to reporters the case said. As for why so abolished its suppliers grow together, Adidas said yesterday only that some of the suppliers will provide appropriate advice to help in the communication plan and transition work. Yesterday, the news also from the part of the garment processing enterprises in Shanghai confirmed. "In May this year, including our company, i Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ncluding 10 Adidas Chinese foundries had received a copy of the contents of the same notification. Notification display, terminate cooperation with these foundries between October to April next year will be held this year, Adidas . "Man Long Shanghai Textile Co. Ltd, says with exasperation. Shanghai Tung Lung down products Co., Ltd. as one of the termination of this cooperation is the foundry business, the relevant person in charge yesterday also admitted to reporters, including East Long, including four foundries will indeed receive Adidas October of this year's notice to terminate the contract. "Adidas has long been in preparation, the gradual transfer of production capacity." Tung Lung official said, at present, Adidas has transferred part of the production to Southeast Asian countries. It is understood that Adidas is located in Cambodia factory workers traced the minimum monthly salary is about $ 130, converted into yuan less than 900 yuan. Adidas orders accounted for 30 percent of total capacity on Haishengfeida Clothing Co. also suffered "was parked alone" in a responsible person Lily told reporters, "Adi will certainly gradually moving production overseas because Chinese labor costs increase year by year. "She said, Adidas in the company's annual orders of about 500,000 -60 ten thousand, wages have now risen to 3,000 yuan. close Adidas Insiders said, garment processing has always been extremely sensitive to the Retro jordans for sale price of the industry, with factories in China with processing experience and scale up, as well as various aspects of the cost. In contrast, some Southeast Asian countries in terms of production costs have more impact. "With the Chinese production costs, especially labor costs rise, Adidas made in China will be able to transfer out of the trend is inevitable." processing enterprises are facing restructuring and upgrading Adidas may be looking for lower-cost foundry and to walk away, but was forced to "starvation" of Chinese foundry was caught in a quandary. It is reported that in the termination of the contract foundries, some factories are dependent on 100% capacity Adidas, basically no contact with other clients, if no new orders for the short term, only the relevant plant road. In fact, since the financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry has been gradually moving out. Previously, there have been involved in home appliances, electronics, building materials, toys, food and other industries of the number 10 multinational factories in China shut down or transferred. As a result, more and more weak in the context of cost advantages, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. The industry believes that, along with the sustained economic development, population, resources and environment have undergone significant changes, no longer the continuation of low-cost advantage. The domestic fou cheap foamposites ndry If you can not take this opportunity to transition success, they are bound to face a ferocious collapse crisis. "There are more and more into question the survival of the foundry business, was forced to seek transformation, especially in the transition to the production of its own brand." Vice President of Shanghai Garment Industry Association, said Li Yifeng, from clothing brands and processing distribution of benefits, the brand side at least more than 60%. And in China, profits and general OEM brand can be the difference between a 5-fold or more. "However, although profits to create their own clothing brand is very impressive, but some international brands for many years to do OEM business, create their own brand is not easy." Li Yifeng also said that China's current market and financial services sector supporting not standardized, and social capital is difficult with these enterprises effective docking. Shanghai Adidas a foundry business executives yesterday in an interview with reporters, also admitted that the creation of their own brands not only have manufacturing strength, have to have the economic strength, this can not be an overnight thing. "A brand building is not the same with the factory, it may take 3--5 years, or even longer, but as a business in the transition process often encounter various problems such as my chain enough money, my money perhaps. 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